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Saturday, January 19th 2019, 3:14pm

Noticias Argentinas 1949

Noticias Argentinas

4 January
The eighth Mendoza Class destroyer, which had been completed as an anti-aircraft destroyer, has been reprieved from the scrap merchant and has been re-commissioned and assigned to Carrier Squadron at Bahia Blanca. She will serve alongside the former destroyer leader ARA Sarandi as a close escort and plane guard for the three aircraft carriers.

In other naval news, the five Project 414 Class torpedo destroyers are receiving modest refits with German 55mm AA guns to improve their self-defence capabilities and to offer more anti-MTB firepower in coastal waters. The training cruiser ARA General San Martin is also undergoing a modest refit and modernisation.

5 January
At the Peruvian Callao naval base a crew formally took over the former Peruvian aircraft carrier Lima which was recently purchased by the Argentine Navy. The nucleus crew will sail her to Bahia Blanca for a work up period and trials before she is formally commissioned into service.


Tuesday, February 12th 2019, 11:19am

20 January
The first six T-6M41 'Nahuel’ (Tiger) heavy tanks have arrived at the Arsenal Esteban de Luca for refitting. During the year the entire fleet of 48 Nahuel tanks will be refitted with a new 520hp V-12 diesel engine developed by HAFDASA and new radio sets.

22 January
The Army has issued its 1949 TOE for a standard infantry division. The only major change is that the Reconnaissance Battalion will lose one Motorised Reconnaissance Company but the other will be issued with nine CA-6M45 Armicustos armoured carriers for improved mobility.


Saturday, March 9th 2019, 10:20am

30 January
Today saw the first of three Argentine Grand Prix races being held on the Palermo street circuit in Cordoba. The event was marred by the death of popular French driver Jean-Pierre Wimille. He was driving his first flying lap during practice when his car swerved to avoid children crossing the track and crashed into a tree. He was killed instantly due to serious head injuries. During the race, local driver Pablo Pessatti was also killed when he was thrown out as his car overturned.
The race was won by Italian Alberto Ascari driving a Maserati 4CLT, as was the runner-up, Italian Villoresi. Third place went to Argentine driver Óscar Alfredo Gálvez in his Alfa Romeo 308.

6 February
Today saw the second of three Argentine Grand Prix races being held on the Palermo street circuit in Cordoba, the race was curtailed at 30 laps due to heavy rain.
The race was won by Óscar Alfredo Gálvez in his Alfa Romeo 308 with Juan Manuel Fangio in his Maserati 4CLT in second place and the Uruguayan Eitel Cantoni driving a Maserati 4CL in third place.


Saturday, March 9th 2019, 5:32pm


During the race, local driver Pablo Pessatti was also killed when he was thrown out as his car overturned.

Yes... the era of not wearing seat belts. Probably better than the alternative.


Saturday, May 4th 2019, 12:35pm

14 March
At a formal pier side ceremony attended by the Peruvian naval attaché, the Defence Minister Vice Almirante (ret). Juan Perez Benedicto Hood and Vice Almirante Torrez-Bucholz, the commander of the Carrier Squadron, the ex-Peruvian carrier was commissioned as ARA Almirante Brown. The vessel will join the Carrier Squadron as the main training carrier. It is believed the current training carrier, ARA Avispón, will be converted wholly to the amphibious transport role.
The Lima was built as the Giovanni Caboto and served in the Italian Navy from her completion in 1931 until her sale to Peru in 1941.

18 March
Techint has been awarded a contract to build a gas pipeline from Comodoro Rivadavia to Cordoba with completion due in 1952. Techint is an Argentine-Italian industrial company founded by Italian industrialist Agostino Rocca and headquartered in Milan, Italy and Cordoba.


Saturday, May 25th 2019, 10:26am

20 March
Five new Type 9A Motor Torpedo Boats were commissioned into service today. The ARA M35, M36, M37, M38 and M39 have joined the 2nd MTB Squadron at Viedma, replacing five older craft.

22 March
The second prototype Gloster AXP-1001 jet-fighter has flown at Hucclecote, Gloucestershire, England. The third prototype is now undergoing final construction and will be shipped to FMA for completion and its test flight. Last month the manufacturing rights were acquired by FMA and tooling at their main factory in Cordoba has now begun in readiness for full production of 160 aircraft as the I-03 Pulqui III.


Tuesday, July 9th 2019, 8:24pm

1 April
The Navy has long seen the Motor Torpedo Boat as a potent coastal defence asset along the isolated coast, but extended support away from base has always been a problem. Today the Navy has laid down two specialist vessels to solve that problem. The two Project 723 tenders on their completion next year will support a flotilla each, supplying them with torpedoes and fuel and equipped with modern workshops to effect repairs. The two vessels are being built by AFNE Bahia Blanca and Tandanor at Comodoro Rividavia.

11 April
Today a new radio station has opened on the airwaves. The Servicio Internacional de la República Argentina (SIRA) (International Service of the Republic of Argentina) is a state-broadcaster for external broadcasts across South America. SIRA will broadcast 24 hours a day in seven languages. The broadcasts focus on Argentine news, culture, geography, history, music and other local topics. Music varies from Argentine folkloric (usually gaucho and indigenous fare) and tango music to Argentine dance music.


Sunday, July 28th 2019, 12:33pm

20 April
Posta Argentina S.A. has taken delivery of six EMBRAER CT-1 Potro aircraft to expand its rural air mail services. Aeroposta services over the Andes to Chile and further afield to Brazil, Paraguay and Grand Uruguay are handled by their fleet of nine Curtiss CW-20 aircraft.

27 April
The third prototype Gloster AXP-1001 jet-fighter has arrived at Bahia Blanca aboard the SS Mersey Traveller having been shipped from Britain. The airframe was taken by road to Air Base Bahia Blanca for inspection before it is shipped by rail to the FMA factory in Cordoba to be fully reassembled and test flown.

28 April
Nobody from the Ministries of Transport or Defence were available to comment on rumours circulating that there are plans to reinstate the 'Talons over Cordoba' international fighter meet this summer. Rumours have been circulating for several weeks and have been picked up by aeronautical journals across the world.


Saturday, August 10th 2019, 10:26am

1 May
The Ministry of Defence has issued the 1949 TOE for a revised Infantería de Marina Brigada organisation. The aim is to make the unit more compact, saving manpower and transport bulk.
The Staff unit has lost its Mapping Platoon as exercises have shown that its largely redundant with greater reconnaissance and planning carried out at the Marina headquarters before a landing operation takes place.

The Artillería de Campaña Regiment has been renamed a Bandera and is now comprised of:
Artillería de Campaña Bandera
1 Bandera Staff Battery (2 LMG)
1 Mapping Platoon (1 LMG)
1 Signal Platoon (1 LMG)
1 Artillería de Campaña Tabor
1 Staff Battery (1 LMG)
2 batteries (four 75mm guns each)
1 battery (four 150mm M-42 rocket-launchers)
1 Observation Platoon (1 LMG)
1 Ammunition Column
1 Artillería de Campaña Tabor
1 Staff Battery (1 LMG)
2 batteries (four 80mm M-39 rocket-launchers each)
1 battery (four 150mm M-42 rocket-launchers)
1 Observation Platoon (1 LMG)
1 Ammunition Column
1 Antiaerea Artillería de Campaña Tabor
1 Staff Battery (1 LMG)
3 batteries (four 37mm guns each)
1 Ammunition Column

The Pioneer Bandera has also been remodelled into two Tabor, effectively four companies in strength split equally into light and heavy pioneer units. The light pioneer Tabor will concentrate on assault engineering duties while the heavy unit would be used for tasks like base building and pontoon construction. The boat and bridging columns remain unchanged. All quartermaster units have been combined into a Support Bandera for a more compact unit which is designed to handle the distribution of supplies from ship to shore and tend casualties before they are transferred back to ships for evacuation.


Saturday, October 12th 2019, 10:37am

16 June
After being carefully assembled under the watchful eyes of engineers seconded by Gloster and Rolls-Royce the third prototype Gloster AXP-1001 jet-fighter began taxi tests last week. Fitted with a more powerful Nene III turbojet the prototype is of production standard and today FMA Chief Test Pilot Captain de Aero Edmundo Osvaldo Weiss took the aircraft aloft at 10:15am this morning. On landing he reported it flew beautifully and was just as good as the prototype he had flown in Britain two months ago. Work has already begun on manufacturing the first batch of I-03 Pulqui III fighters.

24 June
Five new Type 9A Motor Torpedo Boats were commissioned into service today with the 3rd MTB Squadron at Viedma, replacing five older craft. In other naval news, the AFNE Paraguay yard has begun a comprehensive rebuild of the gunboat ARA Humaita. Her sistership will follow later this year. This work has brought welcome employment to the men of the yard.

The rugby, the Cordoba Province Championship was won by Jockey Club Córdoba and the winners of the North-East Championship are Natación y Gimnasia.

30 June
The capabilities of the Navy’s Fleet Support Command took another step forward today as the supply ship ARA Proveedor commissioned with the 1st Support Squadron at Bahia Blanca. This vessel will keep the fleet supplied at sea with fresh food, supplies and spare parts. Such vessels are the sign of a modern and progressive Navy, equipped to serve extended periods at sea and project their sea power ever further from shore.


Saturday, December 14th 2019, 12:42pm

1 July
The Finance Ministry rejected plans earlier this year by the Navy to build two large tankers. Instead approval has been given for two smaller tankers, though still larger than the coastal tankers that ply their trade along the coast, keeping the fuel bunkers at the various naval bases topped up. The San Luis was laid down today at AFNE Bahia Blanca and the Mercedes at Tandanor at Comodoro Rividavia.
Astillero Nav. at Puerto Belgrano began work on a more advanced project today, the first Argentine-designed submarine. Engineers have heavily based the design of the Project 724 submarine, intended for training, on the German submarines currently used in the training role, but modernised and lengthened slightly. It is hoped the single submarine will complete next year.

9 July
The Navy has disbanded one of its Marine Brigades in an effort to reduce manpower and costs given the relative over-provision of Marines given the small transport fleet available. The unit which formally stood down today is the Infantería de Marina Brigada Mercedes.


Saturday, February 15th 2020, 12:36pm

1 August
The two new Landing Ships ARA Punta Medanos and ARA Punta Delgado have commissioned with the 1st Transport Squadron at Comodoro Rivadavia today, providing the Navy for the first time with a direct ship-to-beach landing ship able to deliver vehicles and tanks directly onto the beach in an assault.

19 August
The Navy recently added four MZ1 Class landing craft to its 1949 Naval Programme and today the first two craft commissioned with the 1st Landing Craft Flotilla at Comodoro Rivadavia. This design is a 1930s Italian design but is still an important vessel and the four new vessels will increase the overall number of such craft to sixteen.