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Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 1:27pm

Baku Babbler - 22 November 1924

Page 1, Headline

Treaty of Mutual Assistance announced

Government of Armenia has agreed to a Treaty of Mutual Assistance with Russian Federation. Its terms provide legal basis for maintaining Russian Federation's flotilla on Araks river which forms the border between Armenia and Turkey. While Captain Nedelin has maintained excellent relations with Armenian government and handled delicate politico-military situations with discretion and skill, this Treaty places his work with Armenian government on a firmer foundation. It further provides for establishing an airbase for fledgling Armenian Air Force to recieve materiel and training from Russian Federation Air Force. Talks on possible stationing of ground forces continue.

Page 1, below the fold

Several Russian companies have recieved contracts to supply cement, steel reinforcement bars, and engineering equipment to Turkish firms building a line of permanent fortifications in the vicinity of Greek Mandate.


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Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 1:50pm

Looks like russion influence is further growing....

Wonder why no neighbor reacts...?!


Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 2:01pm

I'm not biting ; )

Atlantis, SAE now Russia - I'm not surprised.


Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 2:44pm

The Philippines is slightly concerned about expansion of the Russian sphere of influence, but so far it's all been far, far away...


I presume Admiral Talknotalotalopoles has retired? ;)


Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 5:10pm

India: 25 November 1924

Foreign Affairs Ministers Jal Kadharni has denounced what he calls "Creeping Colonialism" on the part of the Russian Federation.

Speaking from Agra, Minister Kadharni noted, "This is the second time in just a few months that Russia has bullied its way inside a soveriegn state, and India is greatly concerned, as all nations should be. We have to wonder which nation is next on the Russian grocery list. Poland? Rumania? Persia? China?

"I can confirm that we are contemplating tabling a motion to condemn the Russian action with the League of Nations."

Elsewhere in Hyderabad, there are rumors that senior officers from India's army garrisons along the Chinese border are being summoned for consultations with Army brass. Minister Kadharni said he could not say what was being discussed, only that, "Any Russian move to subvert China would be met with profound dismay by the Raj. It seems prudent to determine how we might best express that dismay if it becomes necessary."


Saturday, October 23rd 2004, 9:44pm

Out of player mode there really isn't rhime or reason to Turkeys relations with its nabours in reguards to defence contracts, some are easier to get a hold of while others politely decline. The Ottoman empire is a mere shadow of its former self, so its time to strengthen what remains.

The fortifications in the vacinity of the Greek mandate are one of several planned projects in the next few years.

"I presume Admiral Talknotalotalopoles has retired? ;)"

Given the lack of shoe pounding at speech's I'd say so...


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 12:23am

Creeping Russian Colonialism...


Speaking from Agra, Minister Kadharni noted, "This is the second time in just a few months that Russia has bullied its way inside a soveriegn state,

While the Latvian government required a small amount of... encouragement... to solidify their defense relationships, the mutual assistance pact with Armenia was an Armenian initiative. The recent experiences of the Armenian people at Turkish hands have made their government determined that no one will ever be able to say "Who after all is today speaking about the destruction of the Armenians?"


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 5:02am

Speaking out of character, your explanation makes sense. Plus the possibility of Russia in conflict with Turkey, however remote, is vaguely intriguing.

If you'd presented that additional context in your initial story, India's reaction might have been less drastic. Or not. Either way, we've got a bit of Russo-Indian dynamics that we didn't before.

Whether or not Turkey has a coherent foreign policy, I do hope that we will see an in-character Turkish response...


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 5:22am

Well Turkey has a limited number of nations that it can buy from, the entente powers not being keen on rearming a former foe, ditto for Greece which definately has a better than historical ship building base.
It will be some time before Turkey can build significant numbers of ships with its limited yards.

Italy is the traditional supplier to Turkey as is Germany but Germany has that nasty VT to prevent that, hence turkey turning to other nations such as the SAE.

Keep in mind even though Russian companys are supplying materials to Turkey for its planned defensive fortifications Russia is also supplying arms to the Armenians so its a minor consern for Turkey. As long as the Turks and Armenians stay away from each other things should be fine.


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 1:31pm

Admiral Talknotalotalopoles is on a secret mission.



Sunday, October 24th 2004, 9:37pm

Excellent, he is still around! He may not be well liked by the Turks but at least he still gives memorable speech's!


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 10:13pm

Speech of State Duma Member V. I Lenin, Petrograd - 27 November 1924

Comrades, fellow Duma Members, Citizens!

Such is confidence of ruling Socialist Revolutionary Party clique, although one must look closely to find slightest trace either of Socialism or Revolution in their policies, around our esteemed President Kerensky, that they have not even announced their Party's choice for approaching elections for office of President. One must also look very closely to find a basis in reason or evidence supporting this confidence. A mere glance at international reaction to our government's announcement of Russian-Armenian Mutual Assistance Pact lays bare contradictions in Kerensky's policies. Our government has sensitized international opinion regarding its every action. Kerensky's policies, while individually defensible, work at cross-purposes, and for this reason contain seeds of failure. These contradictions follow from Kerensky's grave confusion regarding interests of Russia and of international working class.

In economics, Kerensky has supported construction of powerful Russian fleet. Supposedly, this has encouraged Russian economy in vital industial sectors, such as mining, steel, shipbuilding, and aviation. And who can fail to feel pride watching Imperator Petr Veliki make her irresistable way on world's oceans? And Russia's air force develops with similar speed, for similar purposes. But how have Russia's workers and peasants benefited from any of this? Most advanced parts of Russia's fleet, turbines, wireless sets, aircraft engines, are purchased abroad, chiefly from France and Atlantis. And our French and Atlantean Comrades convey heartfelt thanks.... from French and Atlantean workers. And is threat of war developing in any area of Russian interest? No! It is conspicuous by its absence. Nowhere near Russia is in evidence any will to contend by battle which is always present in any prewar situation. So what benefit do such Russian armaments actually bring to Russia? Again, nowhere is any such benefit evident.

In foreign affairs, while I make no defense either of Imperialism's espionage and provocations against Russia in funding Bessarabian separatism, or of Latvian governments abysmal judgement in cooperating with such discreditable actions against Russia, Kerensky government's response, brutal economic and political pressure against Latvia, while successfully extorting cooperation from Latvia's government, have destroyed, for instance, much of goodwill of Germany's government and working class created by Kerensky's far-sighted and recently successful advocacy of doing away with financially unsupportable reparations from Germany to France embodied in Versailles Diktat. And when Armenian government approaches Kerensky seeking to ensure against repetition of Ottoman atrocities against them during Great War, he agrees. And when Ataturk's government, which in its renunciation of Imperial ambitions and efforts to secularize Turkish politics, economy, and social system has rightful support of our Turkish Comrades and of Turkish working class, seeks assistance in constructing fortifications, Kerensky agrees. And Greek and Armenian reaction to this action has undercut favorable impressions created there by Pact with Armenia. And further afield, Pact with Armenia, again, an initiative by Armenian government, has heightened suspicions initially provoked by extorted Pact with Latvia.

Each of these policies have their own reasons. Each of these policies has their own sense. Each of them arguably serves an interest of Russia. However, they work at cross-purposes, and lead nowhere. But why is this?

Because Kerensky is weak and indecisive.

Except for his vigor and clarity in ending disasterous war, his hallmark in governance is precisely indecisiveness, lethargy, and confusion. Each of his actions is based on advice of last person to talk to him. Under present circumstances, basically favorable to Russia, this has not been fatal. Nevertheless, we cannot assume that circumstances so favorable for Russia will continue. Russia needs leaders who know their own mind, who can analyze Russia's situation and separate best policy objectives from other, individually good objectives, which would, if selected, neutralize one another. There is but one Party in Russia with leaders possessing clarity of vision, firmness of mind, and concept true interests of Russia and of international working class.

That Party is us Bolsheviks!

On to victory!!


Sunday, October 24th 2004, 10:48pm

Nice work!


Monday, October 25th 2004, 5:33pm

If Comrade Lenin should somehow fail to win the election, I'm sure the United German Workers' Free Press would have a guest columnist spot available for him.

Good speech. It's ironic yet amusing that both Germany and India despise communism, yet are providing fodder for Lenin's arguments.


Monday, October 25th 2004, 11:19pm

Comrade Lenin is certainly flattered by the kind compliment concerning his prospects as a polemicist.

As to his prospects in the upcoming elections, presently, the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party controls about 3.8% of the seats in the State Duma. They have a dedicated following, but are dogged by rumors of some... unorthodox fundraising methods used towards the end of the previous decade. This speech was well-recieved domestically, and is expected to expand the Bolshevik vote somewhat.


It's ironic yet amusing that both Germany and India despise communism, yet are providing fodder for Lenin's arguments.

Indeed, Comrade Lenin is very skilled in the use of whatever materials are at hand.