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Monday, June 2nd 2003, 11:01pm

Historical naval aviation developments

Apart from General Mitchell's demonstrations against German battleships post-war, are there shining examples of aviation influencing naval actions or operations in WW1 or immediately afterward? Events that might influence developments in other navies?

For example:

-Did somebody really suffer because their fleet was spotted and tracked by the enemy?

-Did anybody use naval aviation to attack shore-based targets? Or vice-versa?

-Were naval aircraft used against submarines this early?



Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 2:01am

hard questions

As far as i can tell aircraft did not play any significant role in maritime warfare in WW1. I beleave there were several float plane carriers at Jutland but they never got in on the action and IIRC they were a scouting type force. Carriers really were not a frontline offensive weapon till around the 30's. The americans used the Lexington and Saratoga in a fleet exercise in 1929. Saratoga used her 35 knot speed to perform a night manover around the blue forces protecting the panama canal(which included the Lexington). She launched a full deckload of aircraft in a dawn raid that, in simulation completely destroyed the canal. This simulation convinced the naval staff that they needed large carriers over smaller ones, to maximize offensive power.
With my own carrier program i am faced with a similar question that the Americans had, should i build large or small carriers with my remaining tonnage. I have used 67,000 tons on my newest carriers being built....thats a BIG chunk of my tonnage alotment (110,000 tons).


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Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 12:21pm

Naval Aviation

Well, the Germans used airships to some success during the war for scouting both over the North Sea and Baltic.

Then there were several floatplanes used for scouting and also for first torpedo attacks. If my memory serves me right, they too had some success in sinking first vessels with airborne torpedos. I´m away from my sources (connecting from work) so I can´t tell you more, sorry, but you should be able to find some informations on this in the net.

Hope this helps...



Tuesday, June 3rd 2003, 5:27pm

Aircraft(or airships) were used in conjunction with destroyers to destroy submarines. Targets were aquired visually and passed to the destroyer. There was a lack of airborne weapons to be used in WW1. The fleet air arm used 6lb bombs in the 1920's. The RFC used Felixstowe flying boats to hunt for submarines off Orkney and Shetland. they were equipped with depth bombs.

The german airforce operated floatplanes with some limited sucess: monoplanes made by Junkers i think.


Sunday, June 22nd 2003, 7:29pm

Air vs ASW ASuW

In the Dardanell campain the brits used aircrafts and even manage to score the first hit with an airlaunched torpedo.

I am not sure if the aircrafts where useded hunting subs but it seams likley because of the very free hands the pilots and mechanics where given to try out new tactics and equipment there.




Sunday, July 13th 2003, 6:40pm

Aircraft Developments

The British were actually very advanced in the development of carrier aircraft by the end of WWI. By the end of 1918, they had fighters, scouts and even torpedo aircraft for their carriers. They had conducted bombing raids from the carriers against Zeppelin sheds on the German coast.

Had the war lasted another six months, they planned to launch a torpedo attack against the High Seas Fleet. They were in the process of building enough Sopwith Cuckoos and completing carriers for the attack. The Cuckoo was a single seat torpedo aircraft that carried an 18" torpedo. Here is a link with a picture and specs:


Sunday, July 13th 2003, 10:41pm

aaa just what we need canadian content!

Desertmole are you from canada?


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Monday, July 14th 2003, 1:00am

Welcome desertmole!


Another visitor providing some important data. Thank you. :o)

How did you find us?

Special interests?




Monday, July 14th 2003, 6:21pm

more info

It seems HMS Argus was able to launch aircraft by 1921 and HMS Eagle was partially complete and also able to launch aircraft. Hosho was able to launch aircraft in 1923.




Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:07pm


Now, let's not get nasty. I am most definitely NOT Canadian. Actually, I am an American expat currently exiled to the Magic Kingdom (Saudi Arabia). I have a strong interest in naval wargaming, modelling and collect 1/1250s.

Found you after seeing a link on the Never Weres board.

My primary studies over the years have been carrier aviation from its birth through WWII, and I am also a fan of Hector Bywater.


Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:11pm


Well i can understand that responce even though I am canadian myself. I once mistakenly told a new zealander she sounded like an aussie...she wasn't amused by it and I spent the next 10 minutes kissing @$$ so we could be on speaking terms! Seriously though why the exile to Saudi Arabia? I collect 1:700 scale model ships myself.




Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:19pm

Kiwis are touchy!

I am married to a Kiwi, who is currently back in Kiwiland. We were bombed out of house and home, literally. Our compound was one of those hit on 12 May. Thankfully, we were Stateside so my 4 and 2 year olds did not have to go through it.

You are right, most Kiwis are not amused when acused of being Ozzie.

Actually, I have worked here for about 11 years, training the Saudi National Guard. The pay has been good, and until recently, most of the natives have been friendly.


Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:25pm


So whats the mood in Saudi Arabia these days? They seem to be an un-easy ally of the states but even that seems to be deteriorateing. I don't seem to recall any compounds in Saudi Arabia being bombed in may, is this in the first or second gulf war?


Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:31pm


What ships are in your model colection?




Monday, July 14th 2003, 7:37pm

May 12th

Perhaps it did not get much press up your way, but it was all over the news in the States. Three residential compounds were assaulted.

The attacks started with ground assaults on the gates by dismounts. In two of the compounds, including ours, gate guards were killed, truck bombs were brought in, and detonated in the residential areas. On the other compound penetrated, the terrorists executed some of the Saudi residents before detonating the bomb. On our compound, 7 Americans and 2 Filipinos were killed. Another American died later. Three were friends. On the third compound, the assault on the gate was cut short when the terrorist in the truck bomb detonated it prematurely.