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Monday, June 9th 2003, 4:05am

Indian Quarterly Report - Q1/21

[SIZE=3]Indian Naval Developments [/SIZE]

A. Industrial Allocation

6/10 factories producing warship material = 6,000 t, of which 50 t is stockpiled
4/10 factories dedicated to producing infrastructure material = 0.4 pts
“Bonus” infrastructure points for all 4 factories to be produced in Q4

B. Infrastructure Development

0.0 pts invested; Factory Eleven remains incomplete at 8.5 pts

C. Naval Construction

At Mumbai

D3: Collier/Carrier conversion Bhima receives 1000 t; completion scheduled 8/21
S2: CL Kalyan receives 1,000 t; launch scheduled 5/21
S0: Idle
Free-floating: CL Jaipur receives 350 t; completed 3/2/21; shake-down cruise begins 15/2/21

At Columbo

S1: DD G-129 receives 300 t; ship launched 31/3/21
S0: Idle
Free-floating: DD G-127 receives 300 t; completion scheduled 4/21

At Sikkwe

S1: DD G-130 receives 300 t; launched 1/1/21; slip cleared for Q2
S0: Idle
D0: Idle
Free-floating: DD G-128 receives 150 t; completes 14/2/21; shake-down cruise begins 26/2/21

At Madras

S3: CA Male receives 930 t; ship launched 5/2/21; slipway cleared and ready at quarter’s end
S2: Idle
S1: Idle
D2: CL Columbo begins repairs 1/1/21; receives 1,000 t; requires 204 t in Q2 to complete
D1: Idle
Free-floating: CA Banglore receives 620 t; completed 1/3/21; shake-down cruise begins 13/3/21

D. Transactions

BB Dara Shikoh (ex-Queen Fallatia) commissioned 4/2/21

India transfers 0.4 pts of infrastructure points to South Africa as partial payment for BB Uruguay; points are available for South African usage in Q2/21.

E. Other Notes

Purchase of the Uruguay is costing India 2.0 infrastructure points, with 0.4 pts paid in Q1, Q2, and Q3, and 0.8 pts being paid in Q4.

Repairs to the Columbo have resulted in materials being re-directed from intended new construction. The general crunch in materials leaves a number of Indian yards idle this quarter.

F. Updated Order of Battle, 31/3/21

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit)+ under construction; completed includes ships on shakedown cruises.

BB: 2(1)+0
CV: 0(0)+1
CA: 2(0)+1
CL: 9(1)+1
DD: 22(0)+3
TB: 13(0)+0


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Monday, June 9th 2003, 12:27pm


Nice report but why have you posted it twice?


Monday, June 9th 2003, 1:06pm

My computer choked up when I tried to post it the first time - I thought it hadn't gone through.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Monday, June 9th 2003, 1:22pm




Wednesday, June 11th 2003, 3:36am

Note on the edit...

I decided that naming India's first battleship after one of thirty-odd states and territories was kinda boring. Especially when I won't have anywhere near thirty-odd capital ships to name after states and territories.

So, having read up a wee bit on Indian history, India's first battleship is now the SR Dara Shikoh .

Historically, the mughals built up an extensive empire across much of India by the 1600s. Shah Jahan (who built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum for his dead wife) got sick around 1657, and his four sons went at it for control of the empire. One of them, Aurangzeb, came out on top, after some treachery resulted in the capture and execution of his brother, and the appointed heir, Dara Shikoh. Aurangzeb would go on to expand India to its largest extent, humbling the British, but he wound up over-expanding and the empire fractured after he died, making it easier pickings for the East India Company.

In this timeline, the point of divergence in history, from which all else follows, is that Dara Shikoh instead prevailed and defeated Aurangzeb. In the long run, Hindi-Muslim relations are better, and India doesn't over-expand, leaving it better able to remove the Europeans later on...

But I digress...