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Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 3:37pm

India, Q1/27

Indian Naval Developments - Q1/1927

Tis a quiet quarter my way...

A. Industrial Allocation

9 of 11 factories producing warship material for 9,000 tons, plus a stockpile of 26 t and 176 t of scrap for 9,202 t. 9,035 t are used, leaving a stockpile of 167 t.

2 of 11 factories are dedicated to infrastructure material production, and produce 0.2 pts.

B. Infrastructure Development

A Type 1 Drydock is started at Male, and receives 0.2 pts.

C. Naval Construction

At Mumbai

S3: Idle
S2: Idle
S0: Idle
D3: Begins scrapping AC Mahaweli
Free-floating: BB Jahangir receives 2,197 t
Free-floating: CL Agra receives 1313 t

At Columbo

S1: DD G-150 receives 387 t, launched 15/2/27
S0: Idle
D2: Begins scrapping BB Dara Shikoh
Free-floating: DD G-148 receives 192 t, completed 15/2/27

At Sittwe

S1: Idle
S0: SS I-9 laid down 1/1/27, receives 300 t, launched 28/2/27
D0: Idle
Free-floating: AL L-1 receives 61 t, completed 31/1/27
Free-floating: AL L-2 receives 183 t

At Chennai

S3: Idle
S2: CL Dhaka receives 1313 t, launched 31/3/27
S1: Idle
D2: CL Pondicherry continues rebuilding 1/10/26, receives 855 t
D1: Scraps T-1, T-3
Free-floating: DD G-149 receives 387 t
Free-floating: CV Urumi receives 1727 t

Commercial yards at Chennai build three 40 t MTB

D. Transactions

BB Dara Shikoh begins scrapping; main and secondary guns landed for re-use.

AC Mahaweli, TB T-1 and T-3 begin scrapping

E. Other Notes

BB Akbar, DD G-147, SS I-8 continue shakedown cruises

DD G-148, AL L-1 commence shakedown cruises

New units laid down this quarter: 1 SS, 3 MTB

F. Updated Order of Battle, 31/3/27

Note: X(Y)+Z = completed (under repair/refit) + under construction

Battleships: 2(0)+1
Aircraft Carriers: 1(0)+1
Heavy Cruisers: 3(0)+0
Light Cruisers: 10(1)+2
Destroyers: 35(0)+2
Torpedo Boats: 7(0)+0
Submarines: 7(0)+1
Motor Torpedo Boats: 40+3
Sloops: 8(0)+0
ASW Launches: 10(0)+0
Minelayers: 1(0)+1
Minesweepers: 20(0)+0
Monitors: 1(0)+0
Seaplane Tenders: 1(0)+0
Colliers: 1(0)+0
Oilers: 3(0)+0
Destroyer Tenders: 2(0)+0


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 4:00pm


What does the prefix AL stand for?


Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 4:06pm

Minelayer. At least, I think that's the right abbreviation.


Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 4:46pm

More than you ever wanted to know...

-Mine Warfare
AM Minesweeper
AMb Harbor Minesweeper
AMc Coastal Minesweeper
MSO Minesweeper - Ocean
MCM Mine Countermeasures Ship
MCS Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
MHC Minehunter, Coastal
CM Minelayer
CMc Coastal Minelayer


Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 4:55pm

Ah...better reconsider my terminology, then.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 5:22pm


Originally posted by Swamphen
-Mine Warfare
AM Minesweeper
AMb Harbor Minesweeper
AMc Coastal Minesweeper
MSO Minesweeper - Ocean
MCM Mine Countermeasures Ship
MCS Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
MHC Minehunter, Coastal
CM Minelayer
CMc Coastal Minelayer

Is this for the British or the Americans?


Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 6:03pm

That'd be American.


Tuesday, March 29th 2005, 11:35pm

Well you could make up your own designation for each type, thats what I do. Its a hodge podge mixing of American, British and my own abreviations.


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 12:16pm

Unless you call a carrier a 'through deck cruiser' just to get funding then that would be a British designation. That and having 8000ton 'Destroyers'. ; )



Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 3:27pm

In the absence of politicians (seeing as India's not a democracy), I think you'd have better luck funding an aircraft carrier than you would a "flat-decked cruiser with no guns"...

As Wes says, I could make up my own designations, but I think these would be more confusing to folks than sticking with established American nomenclature.


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 6:57pm

Well I'm using a different designation for my light (new and under 1,200 tons) destroyers (DL) instead of what the Americans would use later for Destroyer, Escort (DE).


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 7:43pm

Or just don't bother like me.

My destroyers have the prefix D with suffix depending on the class. Example below;

I prefer naming my ships as well.


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 10:40pm

The only problem with naming your DD's is when war does break out and DD production skyrockets you may very well run out of names! Thats a big project for me...finding a new pool of names.

Overall the designations of Atlantian ships conform to the American system. In the case of Mine Sweepers the designation of MS is the exception to the rule.


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 10:56pm


Ah, Microsoft boats (MS).


Wednesday, March 30th 2005, 11:33pm

Ha ha...Damn that Bill gates!!!!... dosn't he have enough money already?!!! Stay away from my ships!!!


Thursday, March 31st 2005, 1:25am

I think I've followed RN practice, BS for Battleship, C for cruiser (all cruisers from 2000tons up), D for Destroyer, F for Frigate, G for gunboat etc. The letter and number for each ship are a hold over from my early lack of names and a legacy of my spreadsheet. I'm influenced by the kiss principle.



Thursday, March 31st 2005, 2:20am

I usually name my ships (be they Chilean or Rohirrim).

About the only things I won't name or the smallest of the small....and even those might aquire names eventually...and boat captains will name there ships...even if they only name it by the is 30 Boat for instance. In this case, this boat is a PBR from River Division 535 in Vietnam (1970)...I believe it was refitted to go faster during the war by adding some strips on the hull.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Thursday, March 31st 2005, 9:11am

I think it is quite easy to come up with names. Just get you an encyclopedia for flowers, plants in general, animals etc. and you´ll have enough names for several classes. A good atlas also helps a lot as well as an AD&D Player´s handbook or something similar. :o)

Or you could browse your comix like Walter does. However, calling your BB Captain America or your DD Poisen Ivy might be a bit odd....


Thursday, March 31st 2005, 1:31pm

If I didn't have ample fodder with Greek mythology then I'd thought my Prescription Drug suggestion late last year was a winner for Destroyer names. ; )



Thursday, March 31st 2005, 2:21pm

Haha! Try using the long version of ASA (aka aspirin)