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Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:02am

Big Ass Map: Rough Draft

Link to Big Ass Map
Be warned ye of dial up, for this be truly a Big Ass Map of over 3 megs!

Needless to say, I've been playing around with a nice map I downloaded from the CIA website. I've been modifying it to represent Wesworld as of the current year. This version is the rough draft, and before Wes panics, I have yet to draw in Atlantis! Its a PNG file since that allows me to reduce file size tremendously while not losing picture quality. This version is 50% the size of the BIG Big Ass Map that is on my PC. I've tried to get it as accurate as possible based on the existing map, and tried to use the same colors, except for Italy. I had to change it from dark grey to more of a light yellow because the country borders are dark grey. I also tried to redraw the borders in Europe, South America, Africa, and India as close as possible. I still need to sort out national capitals, such as Nordmark's and a couple in Africa that have changed.

Admin: 1944 Map Update


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:07am

I'll also send my break down of Atlantis to you so you have some idea as to how Wes "created" the big landmass. Also, about half of Sakhalin is Japanese... but you'll see the big map once I am back home.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:11am

That would be great.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:35am

Small Big Ass Map?!? You mean you got an even bigger one as well?!


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:40am

Its in 8 sections, each about 16-17 megs in bitmap form, but MUCH less in PNG form, between 250-600K.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 12:45am

Ah. Small in file size. I was afraid you had an even bigger map.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 1:42am

There is a Coldmare on some maps....what is that?

There are several errors, but that can be corrected in time as Walter gets home and shows the Big Map to the Big Ass Map.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 2:50am

Coldmere = a scandanavian Monaco, from what I can tell.

OK, now for critiquing this monster...

Italy should have a good chunk of the "Yugoslavian" coast; IIRC roughly equivilant to the @ modern Croatian coastline area, but you'll need to get exact details from RA.

Eritrea technically part of Abysnnia; whole thing de facto Italian protectorate.
Iraq (Mesopotamia), Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen; Pakistan, Guyana = British.
North Yemen = Indian mandate
Maldives, Diego Garcia = India.
India-Burma border should be further east.
Tibet should be independent.
Not sure if Belize should be U.K. or Iberia (not clear on map I have).
Equatorial Guinea's islands: Iberia or SAE?
Suriname - Dutch
Mauritius, St Helena; Seychelles? - SAE.

A lot of the little islands that are 'tagged' instead of coloured (Guam, for instance)...

...oh, and do I see any volunteers for recoving Atlantis from the Pegasus Galaxy? ^_^


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 3:11am

I do have a bigger map. As I said, the one above is 50% of the full size. The full size map is divided into 8 files, each about 2500x2400. The biggest I can do without causing my PC to have a coniption is to divide the full size map into 3 sections, each 4920x4668 and about 2 megs in size. The 3 sections overlap 50% so no area is "split". One covers both Americas, the second Europe and Africa, the third Asia.

I'll work on the corrections and hopefully have an updated PNG online tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 3:14am

Chile's border is slighly farther north then historical, due to the addition of two Peruvean regions captured in the War of the Pacific that had not been returned in this timeline.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 3:17am

As one with dial-up, I will be avoiding the map for a few days.

Canis, if it shows up on the map, the Ayeyarwady (possibly noted as the Irrawaddy) River marks the border between India and Burma.

Given the difficulties we had recently with another map-based discussion, I'll be monitoring this thread rather closely - and suggest that everybody else do likewise. Once the map is finalized, I reckon the moderators should anoint it as the official Wesworld map, and then buy Canis a flat of beer.

Coldmere was a nation of about 30,000 in Scandinavia, with a single destroyer (rebuilt as a floating casino) for its navy. It was the creation of a fellow who, unfortunately, no longer seems to be dropping by.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 3:48am


As one with dial-up, I will be avoiding the map for a few days.

We can describe it for you: B.I.G.
The border between India and Burma are the historical ones so they have to be edited. Canis asked me to send the map I have and I will add the Carribean map to it as well as well as an attempt I will make during the weekend to "blow up" Atlantis (I have good eyes Wes; I identified all the bits on your map and have it in a separate drawing).
As for Coldmere, the destroyer was just military as far as I remember. There were plans to purchase a sub and turn that one into a cassino or so. The Ice Pit is (as far as I know) the major Casino currently in Coldmere.
... and one more thing Canis. You shouldn't have revealed to the others that there is actually a secret base on Guam by marking it as US territory!


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 6:25am

I was able to optimize the png file, its now less than 1 Meg, I also uploaded a smaller Big Ass Map that's less than 300K. Remember the ones online right now have yet to be corrected. The various Pacific Islands will take a while to sort all out. The map I'm working with is political only, with no terrain features so I'm having to just copy the existing Wesworld map as closely as possible where borders differ.

One question about Poland. On the Wesworld map it does not seem to have the territory taken from Russia after WW1. Is that correct?

I also have not attempted to color in the various Antarctic claims since in several cases the colors don't seem to match any existing nation.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 7:02am

Just to help out with the map heres a few territory's to confirm. I Like Rocky will also be paying close attention to this discussion.

Atlantian territorys: Cape Verde and Canary islands, Trinidad/Tobago, Aruba, Grenada, and the real world Netherlands Antilles (Curacao and Bonaire) are in fact the Atlantian Antilles.

All of the Islands between Ecuador and Panama IIRC are Iberian, while Suriname and Guinea Bissau is Danish. Guyana is British.


One question about Poland. On the Wesworld map it does not seem to have the territory taken from Russia after WW1. Is that correct?

We'll have to check with Admiral K on that one...

In reguards to Coldmere perhaps 1Bigrich could take over as our resident loafer nation.

As for the poor sod who draws Atlantis, I think I owe them a flat of beer....


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 7:08am

I thought Suriname was Dutch?


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 7:18am


This is the most recent unofficial, corrected map I have (Liberia has been returned to Iberia) based on Walter's maps. I think there are still problems on this map in Africa about the British colonies around South Africa and The Congo. I think Trans-Jordan was suppose to be there, but somehow it slipped and Palastine is separate on the older maps (reason unknown). What use to be called British Honduras (Belize) is Iberian on Walter's map.

I think we'd gotten most of the bugs out last time around but a bigger, clearer map would be good to have.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 7:32am

Good eys Ithekro!


Originally posted by Ithekro
I thought Suriname was Dutch?

You are correct, thanks for pointing out my typo.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 8:18am

The Mother of All Maps is online. Its a 1.5 Meg PNG, updated as of 2am, July 20th. The other two smaller maps were updated as well. Once I get the data from Walter later this week I'll do Atlantis. I still need to update some country names and fix the Atlantian area in Turkey.


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 10:30am

Thats awesome Canis, nice work!


Wednesday, July 20th 2005, 3:21pm

Ahhhh! Had a big response typed out and cybergnomes ate it!! :-<

Trying again...


Don't forget Pacifica, and that South Georgia is now Nordish.


I also have not attempted to color in the various Antarctic claims since in several cases the colors don't seem to match any existing nation.


150E-160?W - Japan
160?W-120W - France
120W-90W - Chile??? or unclaimed
90W-60W - Atlantis
60W-20W - SAE
20W-10W - SAE/Nordmark
10W-40E - Nordmark
40E-75?E - SAE/France
75?E-100E - SAE
100E-150E - Philippines


In reguards to Coldmere perhaps 1Bigrich could take over as our resident loafer nation.

If he's willing, I think I could handle that. After all, what threat could they possibly be? ^_^


Now, please be veddy veddy qwiet while I go hunt cybergnomes...

*ommminous hummmmm*