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Wednesday, July 9th 2003, 4:40am

Atlantian fleet air arm as of 1921

After doing some research I found that torpedo planes did in fact exist as early as 1918 in the form of float planes. By 1921 they could be launched off of carriers. As far as I can tell only the british had this technology so it dosn't seem as far fetched as we all think. As a result here is my naval airforce.

Planes in the AFAA consist of the following:

Spartan F2 "Falcon" Type:land based naval Fighter.
Armament:2x .303"mg, 75lb bomb load
Engine:240 hp roth "viper"
Span: 28ft/8.9m
Notes: originally designed for the airforce in 1917 as the "Whirlwind" modified for use aboard carriers with less than satisfactory results more as a result of the carrier recovery methods used rather than due to performance. Relegated to land based squadrons with the introduction of the seahawk.

Ripon F5 "Seahawk" Type: carrierborn and land based Fighter.
Armament:2x .303"mg, 120lb bomb load
Engine:250 hp roth "Lance"
Span: 30ft/9.1m
Notes: Designed in 1918 the Seahawk replaced the Falcon in 1919 and showed considerable improvements over the falcon. Currently serving aboard the ANS Siboney and Evanor as well as with several land based squadrons.

Spartan T1 "Griffon" Type:land based torpedo bomber, float plane.
Armament:1x .303"mg, 1x18"torpedo or 1200 lbs of bombs.
Engine:200 hp Salmson"comet"
Span: 46ft/14.2m
Notes: Designed in 1917 originally as a floatplane capable of attacking enemy shiping, attempts to launch her off of ships proved somewhat successfull but they proved more suitable to their originally intended role. They also equip land based squadrons.

Spartan T2 "Condor" Type:carrierborn torpedo bomber, float plane.
Armament:1x .303"mg, 1x18"torpedo or 1800 lbs of bombs.
Engine:275 hp Roth "Arrow"
Span: 52ft/16m
weight:5700lb/2885kg with torpedo
Notes: designed in 1918 with the intent to improve on the Griffon design as well as to be more effective against enemy shiping the Condor can carry a torpedo with nearly double the leathality but at the expense of some agility and speed.

Currently Atlantis is developing an impoved version of the Condor that improves on speed and agility lost in the redesign of the griffon. Atlantis is also developing an entirely new torpedo bomber to meet the current desired specifications of the fleet air arm.


Wednesday, July 9th 2003, 10:40am

Carrier-borne torpedo planes in 1921


After doing some research I found that torpedo planes did in fact exist as early as 1918 in the form of float planes. By 1921 they could be launched off of carriers.

I seem to recall a British Short 184 sinking a ship with a torpedo in maybe 1917.

Were carrier decks in 1921 long enough to let an aircraft launch while armed with a torpedo?

visit my Russian/French fantasy fleet page:


Wednesday, July 9th 2003, 12:16pm


well by 1918 the british had 3 carriers (2 of which were not true flat-tops) HMS Furious, Vindictive and Argus. Furious definately had a large enough flying off deck for fighters to take off from but I still can't find conclusive evidence that torpedo planes could take off as well. Argus seemed to be large enough as well.




Sunday, July 13th 2003, 6:46pm

Sopwith Cuckoo

The Brits were flying Sopwith Cuckoos off their carriers in 1918. These torpedo aircraft were capable of carrying an 18" torpedo. The RN had a plan to launch a carrier attack on the High Seas Fleet in harbor in early 1919, ahd the war lasted that long. They were in the process of assembling and training the striking force when the war ended. See the link about the Cuckoo that I posted under Historical Naval Aviation Developments.