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Wednesday, April 19th 2006, 1:20am

PRJ news Q4,1930

The Destroyer Burza posibly the most powerfull ship in the polish navy was in the middle of a storm.
Waves taller that house were swipping the deck.
A sailor in the crows nest was hurling chunks on the open comand deck below the captain was not happy about that but it didnt change a thing he had more important thing too worry about that some idiot's dinner on his person, he was commanding his men and his ship.Trying to point the bow at the waves was a difficult task.Before the war captain Hardy was serving on bourd a cruiser with one time went to the atlantic.Compered to that this storm was a milk run but than agein this destroyer was nothing like that cruiser it was smaller and defenetly not as good of a sea boat.
Hardy hoped there will be no structural damage.


Wednesday, April 19th 2006, 12:01pm


"Im still not talking to You"sead old man one
"Whatever,did You noticed that the fleet is moving?"old man two
"They are sailing to the baltic do some excersizes"Old man continued
"And get back six destroyers from Nordmark"stated old man two matter of factly.
"What they are buying six new destroyer?"
"Not new just new for us"
"I dont know ship is a ship"
"Then something is happening in Bar after all"

Yep I bought 6 old DD's from Earl.


Wednesday, April 19th 2006, 12:14pm

Aren't you gonna pay for them? (your q4 report includes no payment to Nordmark


Wednesday, April 19th 2006, 2:22pm

He's hoping that the description of poor Polish lads "hurling chunks" will convince you to make it a charitable donation.


Wednesday, April 19th 2006, 2:55pm

That ain't gonna work on the French!


He's hoping that the description of poor Polish lads "hurling chunks" will convince you to make it a charitable donation

The two DDs under construction in La Rochelle won't be going anywhere without payment.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 1:36am


It will not gonna work on polish either You alrady got paid
in Q1,1930
And thank for reminding me Poland has now 4 destroyers


I oferd to pay in Q4,1930 and You replayed that Youwant too use the material in Q1,1931.
It was a miss understandment on my part I reread the PM sorry.
I can edit my post so that or pay in Q1,1931
What do You prefere?

Well other that the What about the Italian DE/TD for Yugoslavia?
I transering 1000t each Q fore a Year now and the last payment of 500t warship material will be deliverd Q1,1931 so I guess It will be when I get the six ship?

And the Guy that got seasick was on bourd Burza the destroyer that is a part of the fleet since 1928(or 1927)

I have too apologise I lost my Notebook(A paper one)
And It looks like I mess up big time and forgot to add two contracts I didnt include 6 DD from Earl and turrent from Hrolf.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 3:34am

Sorry about that.

I just noticed it in your Q1/1930 report. I've added it in my Q4/1930 report, and they are yours upon completion, at the end of Q4/1930.

If you'd like, France will run their sea trials, and deliver them at the end of Q1/1931.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 7:45am

Captain Hardy was navigeting the holls of the naval ministry, some how the events of the storm from two days ago were looking more plesant by every passing minut.Finaly after 5 hours going from one office to another he arived at his destination.
The office was located in a large room but the amount of filing cabinets made it look small. A metal desk in the center of the room was coverd with all sort of files and papers behind the desk a small figure of a woman in a uniform of sopport naval service was siting.Hardy made a mental note the he now sean seven out of many types of uniform of difrent military services that egsited curently in poland.
The uniform had black color
The women had a rank was dispayed on her hat and sholders, a Lieutenant Commander.
Hardy cougth to get her attention.
When she looked at him Hardy double take, the woman was a brunete in her 30's but her face was disfigured.She had only one eye.A scar was going from the rigth top of her forehead to the middle of her chin she wore a white lether eye patch with picture of an eye on it, it was propably soppose too look like she had bouth eyes,Hardy wondered If she evere looked in the mirror to see hov grotesque the eye patch looked.
She staughten up in her chair captain's attention emidietly diverted from her face too the Virtuti Military on her chest.
High military military medals were never give ligthly she had too do something too realy earn it.
"Aircraft propelor"She sead pointing to her face
At the point Hardy realised he was sterring.
"Captain Piotr Hardy, Burza"he spaned to attention fealing quait embarast
"Lieutenant Commander Dorota Trojanowska ,Gdansk Naval Administration"she raplayed"How can I help You Captain"
"I was order to report here about the Wichura class destroyers"
"Ahh Yes"she picked one paper from her desk"Here are Your orders too travel too Paris and from there You will go to the birth place of our new ships and participate in the ships sea trails of the destroyers"
Hardy toke the paper from her.
"I didnt mean too ster"he sead with a sorry expresion
"Goodbay captain"She sead smiling,only the left half of her face responded on the right side of the scar was impresionless.
Captain know that it was common for the nerv ending or other things maybe damaged with a cut that deep.
Hardy saluted and left.

Well I started trying too write something funny but it just went in a completly difrent direction.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 10:36am


Well other that the What about the Italian DE/TD for Yugoslavia?

The ships are being delivered in December after they complete building in Italian yards.


Thursday, April 20th 2006, 12:14pm

Q1/1931 will do


Friday, April 21st 2006, 12:34am

At constantia Shipyards.

"Did You know the news?"
Two workers were standing by a large gearbox, they had nothing too do but when You at work you at leadt have too look like you are working, so one was holding a greesegun the other a big hammer.
"Well some one did something smart for a change"
"I dont know one again we will be bilding an oversized something"
"What are saying?"
"Well first we building a destroyer bigger that other curently in the world then we start designing bigest naval guns since Glorious and now a heavy cruiser with 283mm guns"
"Well actualy we are not building bigger ships that other just our guns are bigger"
"Anyway do you know any details about the deal?"
"Not realy other that we signed an agreement ,will pay the germans early next year and get the guns in two years time"

"GET BACK TOO WORK"yeald there supervisor or as they called him 'slave driver' ,they replied with a 'yes sir' tiped there hat too each other and went on seperetly to walk around the gearbox.Soon they meet each other on the other side of the large machine and resummed there conversation.
"And the license agreament?"
"What license agreement?"
"The on that they just signed for building those gun in Romania"
"I did not know that.My brother-in-law is working at the weapons plant they will have lot too do with bilding them to be him"
"What are You standing there! What are we paying you for"yeald the formen at them.
And the man once again circled aroung the gearbox.
"I swere its the tenth time were are going around this piece of crap gearbox."Complaind one of the workers"If I wanted to walk all day long I'd join the infantry"


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 1:37am

PRJ Naval Excersize

Tragedy struck the first joint naval war games when Yugoslavia destroyer Kosturica sunk doring heavy weather.
It happend after nightfall
Eye witnes reports were that the ship blow up braked in two and sunked the aft part sunked in under a minut the bow remaind aflout for 7 minuts.There were only 17 survivors.
An investigation was held. at first the popular opinion that the ship struck a mine left standing from the great war was quicly rulled out.Other posibility is that the boiler exploded,folty munition handling.

The Investigation raportis as follows.

At 18:17 Destroyer Kosturica was going full power in a sea state 8. It was the last ship in the column of 4 destroyers.
Structural weakness of the weasle mainfested it self by a catastrofic crack on the middle brake line.The ship broke in half.
At 18:18
The water of temperature of 3 degrese celsios floded boiler room 1.The overheated boiler reptured setting of the torpedos in there tubes.In the aft part of the ship this wevent was witnesed from both the Wicher with was third ship in the column.
At 18:19
The aft part of the ship with was now no more that a twisted payle of metal sunked taking larger part of the crew with it.
The bow of the ship was still floating.
At 18:20 Wicher brakes formation and aproche the sinking bow of kosturica.Wicher lauches life boats.
At 18:21
The bow is now in upright position Sailors clime up for any hope of rescue
At 18:25
The bow of the Kosturica now sinks sailors are now in cold water.
At 18:29
First lifeboat from Wicher start picking up survivors.
At 18:37
Lifeboat nr 3 from wicher capsized
At 18:39
Wicher fires starshells too light up the area searchlights turn on.
At 18:57
Last surviavor is picked up.

The finding recomend that all D 13 class destroyers are not to leave port before the structural straighing is carried out.
The Comander of wicher acted too inresposibly he order lifeboats in the water at night and with high sea state.
His action put his crew in danger He also did not signal other ships of the Kosturica situation.
No carges will be place however as his intention were that too save life he how evere will never be given command of a ship again.


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 4:10pm


folty munition handling.

Welcome to the VFMH (Victims of Fauly Munitions Handling) club!
At least the ship did not fall victim to the Exploding Filipino Syndrome.


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 4:23pm

The German government extends the condolences of the German nation to the Yugoslav Navy, the Polish Navy, and the families of the personnel involved in the recent tragic loss of the destroyer Kosturica.


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 4:31pm

The Japanese Government also sends its condolences.
Too many brave sailors seem to be dying during peacetime...


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 6:19pm

An implosion of the boilers probably won't set off the torpedoes. Now after the ship has sunk in the water a bit its quite possible for the depth charges to explode, which will definitely sink the ship. Or if they roll of cradles and sink underneath the ship.


Tuesday, May 2nd 2006, 6:51pm

Nordmark sends it's condolonces to the Yugoslavian Navy. The Navy also offers help in a possible recovery of the wreck.


Wednesday, May 3rd 2006, 12:48am

The Yugoslavian navy excepts the condolences from Germany Japan and Nordmark.
We are greatfull for the Nordmarcian offer but the wreak is now a grave sight. No recovery is planed.

@ Red Admiral well I think that 300kg of explosive in a torpedo is not all that dangerous.But its the largest and closes explosive next to the boiler.