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Saturday, August 26th 2006, 5:31pm

Project Numbers

All Argentine designs have an assigned Project Number to identify them. Here is a list of all designs made, including those not posted here. All new classes have Projects numbers as well.

Project Numbers

BB 100, CA 200, CL 300, DD 400, FF 500, GB and light forces 600, other 700

Battleships and Battlecruisers
Libertad Modernisation Project 101A, B, C, Project 101D
P Class Project 102
32kts BC Project 103
Small 6x15" BB Project 104
30kts 9x15" BB Project 105,105A and 105B
30kts 12x15" BB Project 106
Coastal Battleship Project 107
30kts 9x15" BB Improved Project 105B Project 108
Project 108 with Chilean 15" guns Project 109, Project 109A
Small 15" Battlecruiser Project 110, Project 110A
12" Battlecruiser Project 111
Small light 12" Super-Cruiser Project 112
Small BB Project 113
HDW German BC offer Project 114
HDW German Small BC offer Project 115
Indian BC offer Project 116A, 116B and 116C
Foreign Designs for new BC Project 117A onwards
15” BC Pampas replacement Project 118

Heavy Cruisers
CA 12x190mm Project 201, 201A, B, C and 201D
CA 15x190mm Project 202
CA 9x190mm Project 203 and 203A
CA Belgrano Type Project 204
10in Super Belgrano Project 205
Light CA Project 206, 206A
Peron Refit Project 207
Belgrano No4 Project 208
CA 9x190mm Project 209
Ex-British Kent refit Project 210 (6650 tons for two inc. refit)
Turkish CA Project 211

Light Cruisers
CL Project 301
General San Martin Project 302
8x130mm General San Martin Project 302C
General San Martin Development Project 302D
Export San Martin Project 302E
General Belgrano Project 303
LSC Contest Projects 304-314 Winner Project 315
AA LSC Variant Project 316
Belgrano Type Seaplane Scout Project 317
Seaplane carrier/cruiser Project 318
Torpedo Cruiser LSC Variant Project 319
Gen Puyerredon refit Project 300
Presidente Sarimento conversion Project 319, 319A and 319B
Presidente Sarimento conversion Project 320, 320A and 320B
Peru Cruiser Project 321
Super Belgrano Project 322
LSC based Scout Cruiser Project 323
Bulgarian Minelayer Project 324
Covadonga Minelayer Project 324B

950ton destroyer refits Projects 401 and 402
Corrientes Class Project 403
4x130mm DD Project 404
Mendoza Project 405
Common Hull Destroyer ASW Project 406A, B and C
Common Hull Destroyer Gun Project 407A and B
Light Escort Destroyer Project 408 and 408B
Light Mendoza Project 409
Escort Destroyer Project 410
Intrepida Class Project 411
Mendoza 115mm Mod Project 404M
1933 Class Project 412
DDL Project 413
Torpedo Destroyer Project 414
Siam Destroyer Project 415
Brazil Destroyer Project 416
1936 Destroyer Project 417
1916 Class ASW conversion Project 418
Mendoza No8 1937 Design Project 419
1937 Destroyer Project 420
1939 Destroyer Project 421
1940 Destroyer Project 422
Italian DD purchase Project 450
Indomita II Torpedo Boat Project 451

Frigates and Escorts
Guardia Class Project 501
Chaco Class Projects 502-512

Light Craft and Gunboats
Type 2A MTB Project 601
Type 2B MTB Project 602
Type 1A River Gunboat Project 603
Type 3A River Gunboat Project 604
Los Andes rebuild Project 605
New Los Andes Project 606 and 606S
12” Monitor Project 607 and 608
10” Arg/Mex/Turk monitor Project 609
Light Support Craft Project 610
Light Escort/Customs Vessel 611
Italian MZ1 type Project 612
CinC Yacht Project 613
Patria Class Gunboat Project 614
Type 7A River Gunboat Project 615
Parana Class Gunboat Project 616

Other Types
German P-Class subs Project 701
Home-built P-Class subs Project 701A
Fleet Aircraft Carrier Project 702
Foreign Fleet Aircraft Carrier Project 703
Improved Type P submarine Project 704
Project 704 to Brazil Project 705
Patrol Icebreaker Project 706
Coastal Tanker Project 707
Destroyer Depot Ship project 708
Repair Ship Project 708A
Carrier Depot Ship Project 709
Large Tanker Project 710
Harbour Tug Project 711

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