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Thursday, September 21st 2006, 11:44am

Chinese News and Events Q2/1932


The test travels of U-1 achieve their hot phase. After the crew made itself familiar in the first weeks with the handling of the ship, now in the test travels attacks on ship goals are practiced .

The CNDO presents the newest ship type. The development of the RSRV (Research & submarine Rescue Vessel) became necessary, since one stated during the test travels of U-1 that the Chinese navy does not possess any possibility in case of a misfortune, of coming the suffered average submarine to assistance. With the building of the first ship, the Feylin, is to be begun still in July.


Thursday, September 21st 2006, 3:15pm

Regards to the submarine rescue ship - how do you find the submarine? This will be especially difficult for China considering their water. Rules out location by visual means.




Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 12:38pm

The Chinese government congratulates to the German and Austrian people to its wise decision to take in the future a common path and wishes the population of both countries a friendly, peacefull and complete integration. In his speech over the unification of Germany and Austria prime minister Chiang Kai Chek remembered on the mandate over the Paracel islands.China protests here against the still persisting mandate over these islands. He regards this as injury of the chinese sovereignty. Also he does not see the “problem” to Hainan Dao as yet solved.

The EURASIA developes their network to Formosa and approaches now twice daily the capital Taipei.

The restructuring of the Chinese army continues. The nine Mountaindivisions are formed.

I. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Lu Yu Pen
stationed: Province Ningxia

II. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Cao Chun
stationed: Province Quing Hai

III. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Yue Fei
stationed: Province Quing Hai

IV. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Li Yuan
stationed: Province Xingjiang

V. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Zhang Guorong
stationed: Province Yunnan

VI. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Deng Ai
stationed: Province Xikang

VII. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Hang Po
stationed: Province Rehe

VIII. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Wu Pen Lao
stationed: Province Shaanxi

IX. Mountaindivision
Commander: General Xi Yu Fan
stationed: Province Sinkiang

structure of a Mountaindivision see Encyclopedia


Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:11pm

I'm sorely dissapointed in the Chinese Mountain Division. I expected Mongols on ponies with rifles.

"Ehtiopian Bersaglieri Unit
Numbers : 2000ish
Horses, camels
45mm Brixia mortars, 2 load 65/17 guns, 2 load 37/54 AT guns, Various rifles, Villar-Perosa submgs, swords"




Wednesday, September 27th 2006, 2:36pm

Who says that in the Mountaindivision are no Mongols ?

All Mountain Observationcompanies are Mongols, because they are good riders. If you like, I can send the exact list of the division in a PM to you.




Thursday, September 28th 2006, 10:46am

Lt Cmdr. Yun Pi Lao sighted the Ning Hai on its patrolflight over the south chinese sea. Fortunately he kept the contact until he could transmit a position signal. Unfortunately he was shot shortly thereafter and had to make a emergency landing. Thereupon immediately two further machines were sent into the area, in order to lose the ship in no more case. At the same time a combat force ran out of zhanjiang, in order to hit the Ning Hai . The chinese task force consists of the heavy cruiser Hong Lung, the both light cruisers Wenshan and Manning, the heavy ships become secured of the four torpedo boats of the Huangfen Class (600 - 603).

more details see extra report




Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 8:20am


The Changhe Industries Corp. presents the first chinese tanks. It concerns here the light tank CI-32L as well as the medium tank CI-32M. The CI-32L is to be used into the Marineinfantrydivisions, while the CI-32M is to form the backbone for the first armored divisions.

The Shennong aircraft plants presents the revised version of its diving bomber, the SDB-1-B. The machine received a stronger engine with 720 hp with elevator loader, whereby those could be increased service ceiling on 10500m. Also the consumption of the engine was reduced whereby the range of the airplane could be increased to 550km.

The Chinese government decided after a long, careful examination to begin with the building of a railway route for the Kruckenberg' motor coach. The route is to lead first from Beijing to Nanjing, a later development to Shanghai and Hong Kong is in planning.
With a solemn ceremony the Chinese Minister for transport and traffic Ming Pi Wai opens the construction work of the railway route with a symbolic cut of the spade.


Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 3:47pm


The machine received a stronger engine with 720 hp with elevator loader, whereby those could be increased service ceiling on 10500m.

"Elevator loader"?




Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 3:56pm

China stated that its engines lose much power at heights starting from 7000m .
For this reason this engine was provided with an additional loader. This provides for an
additional loading of the engine starting from a height of 6000m.

[ OOC: I think "Heights loader " would be a better word, not elevator loader (damned Translation program ;-) ]


Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 4:01pm

Ah, I think the correct term here is "supercharger".


Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 4:01pm

I think he means supercharger.


Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 4:30pm

Supercharger would make more sense. 7000m is a bit high for this time. Maybe by the late 30s. Thats running at around 2.1bar boost. Most engines of this period running at 1bar (i.e. atmospheric no boost) with the Schneider trophy engines being boosted to around 1.8-2.0bar

An engine will begin to lose power immediately on gaining altitude because the air grows less dense. Remember that superchargers rob power from the engine.




Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 10:30am

"China is lucky over the India's invitation to be allowed, to let their pilots practise on the Indian training carrier. Momentarily China doesn't have the intention to build an aircraft carrier, however the experience which can be won doesn't harm in any case and who already knows what the future will bring?", Chiang Kai Chek in an Interview with the Beijing - Post.

The selected pilots [Major Shu Guang, Lieutenant Yang Liwei, Sublieutenant Nie Haisheng, Sublieutenant Chen Huai Sheng, Ensing Fei Junlong and Ensing Liang Teh Pei] fly with a machine of the EURASIA aviation society to Mumbai. From there it goes then to the Indian fleet base and on board of the training carrier Lathi.




Thursday, November 2nd 2006, 11:44am


The first tanks leave the Changhe works. Here it exclusively concerns the type CI-32L. The tanks are brought after the loading on trucks, via railway after Quingdao and/or Fuzhou, where they are to equip the IITH & IIITH Marineinfantrydivision.

The scraping of PC Hai Yung is finished. The nose coat of arms of the ship will receive a special place in the naval museum in Shanghai.




Thursday, November 9th 2006, 4:40pm


The test runs of the Sloop Shuihong find their conclusion and the ship is officially placed in service of the Chinese navy.
The travels were a so large success that further ships of this type are to be built.

After extensive tests on the today's is the activated day of the first Chinese Landing Craft Vehicle ( CLCV-1 ). Naturally the Chinese Marineinfantry still is in the structure. Thus it does not surprise that in the next years several of these vehicles are to be built.