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Thursday, February 19th 2004, 2:39pm

Madrid airshow - El Pais 4th Sept. 21

What a spectacle it was! There they were, the gallant pilots, the latest inventions of all nations! Oh for the noise of engines in the air, the daring displays by the gallant pilots, the smell of gasoline ...

There was one glaring discrepancy: while most nation showed heavier-that-air aircraft, all of Iberias displays were lighter than air, be that a big long distance passenger craft for the transatlantic route or a long distance Naval Ariship that Iberia seems to be planning to field in force to assert her control of the sea.

A war ministry spokesman called the show a huge success with contracts signed for a cooperation with Italien manufacturers for the manufacture of naval aircraft for the Armada's two experimental aircraft carriers (the correcpondent will use this opportunity to note his regret at the fact that two of the most beautiful ships the Armada ever built are to be converted to ugly flat-tops).

The transport ministry als was very satisfied with the signing of the agreement with the Empire of Atlantis for the new Madrid-Cleito-Havanna-Panama airship line.


Thursday, February 19th 2004, 3:16pm


India's own contingent received little in the way of media attention, either at home or in Iberia. However, officials with the Ministry of International Afffairs characterized the nation's participation in the show as a success.

"Our aerial demonstrations of the Baagh and Dhairya were of interest to casual and professional observers alike", said Ambassador Sato Cheema. "Our static display of the same types of aircraft were also well attended. We made good contacts with potential clients that may well result in future sales."

That notwithstanding, the show did not go entirely smoothly for the Indians, who arrived with their aircraft dismantled and crated on the destroyer G-118. Only a fraction of the lorries and stevedores expected to help in the unloading process actually turned out, and those who did were for the most part late. Once the aircraft were assembled at Cadiz, they took off for Madrid, only to have one of the Baagh fighters develop an oil leak. The pilot set down in a farmer's field and repaired the line as several perplexed Iberian civilians watched; upon arriving in Madrid, this aircraft was designated for the static display.

"I think we're looking forward to arriving in more style next time", the pilot commented later. "But it's great to have a chance to see what everybody's fielding at the moment."

The Iberian media's sentiments regarding the inelegance of new aircraft carriers around the world was echoed by the commanding officer of G-118, who had the opportunity to see a few of them while at Cadiz. "Bloody ugly is what they are - and where's the glory in serving on a floating aerodrome?"


Sunday, February 22nd 2004, 11:28am

Making it a bit colorful...

... to annoy you guys. ^_^
(wonder if it comes out the way it should)

The Japanese did their best to show off their stuff (and the stuff they use from the other nations). There were displays of obsolete yet still functional N-1, the N-4 and N-5, which are German designs, and the N-3 and A-N-1, which are French designs. Mitsubishi had its display with formation flying of all six of its aircraft present.
There was also a friendly combat display with Goto Sachio’s Goto Special IX and Oonishi Manzo’s Akaryu IV. After the diplay, Manzo wanted to go up again for a solo display, but the Imperial Guards grabbed him before he could get into his plane and dragged him off.

Comments by the various people:
AWNR: Japan reporter Nagano Yasunori went around and asked some questions.
For some reason, Oonishi Manzo was not availabe for any comments...

Nakamura Jomei
- About the Manzo incident: “It is quite fortun… unfortunate that we had to drag him out of his plane. We do have the safety of the Emperor and Empress to consider... and of course the public (and I hate to track down my sword-wielding sisters, chasing him all across the Iberian Peninsula).
- About the airshow: “Not too bad, but flying is definitely not in my blood.

Emperor Shodahito
- About the Manzo incident: “There was an incident involving Manzo-kun? Damn!! I must have missed that!
- On the airshow: “I thought it was quite impressive. I would have loved to see more, though. I still can’t stand it that I missed that incident.

Shogun Tokugawa Kaetuza
- About the Manzo incident: “Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
- On the airshow: “I expected a bit more, but it was not too bad.
- On deals made: “I shall not discuss such important things with a commoner like you.

Empress Kameko
- About the Manzo incident: “Baka!
- On the airshow: “Very enjoyable. I especially liked the Indian presence.

Nakamura Maeko
- About the Manzo incident: “Baka!
- On the airshow: *Yawn* -_-

Nakamura Mieko
- About the Manzo incident: “Baka!!!
- On the airshow: “Sugoi!!!!!!!” ^_^

Oonishi Tohoda
- About the Manzo incident: “You know where they took my son?
- On the airshow: “Very impressive. It is only a matter of time before we get better aircraft.

Yagyu Minoru, Chosokabe Benjiro, Asano Toru, Ogawe Morio
- About the Manzo incident: (YM) “Good thing they did that.” (CB) “The skies are safe once more.” (AT) “If only they could keep him grounded forever.” (OM) “What does that matter? Once his son is old enough, he’ll be terrorizing the skies.
- On the airshow: (YM) “Liked it.” (CB) “Loved it.” (AT) “Impressive.” (OM) “It was alright, I guess...
- Why they are at the airshow: (YM) “No comment.” (CB) “No comment.” (AT) “No comment.” (OM) “No comment.

Goto Sachio
- About the Manzo incident: “..."
- On the airshow: “...
- On his display: “...
- On his silence: “...
- Any comment at all??: “...
- Anything ?????: “... You start to annoy me...” *leaves*
A man of few words...

Unplanned appearance by:
Rear Admiral Kobayashi Akeno. Commander of Kido Butai.
- On the airshow: “Aviation does seem to be going somewhere. Wonder if it actually become the threat as Oonishi Tohoda tells us it’ll become.

Admiral Takahashi Joben. Commander of Nihon Teikoku Kaigun. (at Cadiz)
- On not being at the airshow: “I’m a Navy man. I don’t like those airplane machine thingies. So I’m not missing anything at Madrid. I myself like the display here of all the naval ships.
- On the no access to the Nagato and Mutsu: “No peeking at our latest ships.
- On the remark of the commanding officer of India’s G-118: “Mark my word... they will only get uglier.


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Friday, February 27th 2004, 10:43pm


Haven´t I mentioned I´m color blind? ^-^

Nicely done...