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Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Friday, December 18th 2009, 9:26am

The four RSAN Port Shepstones are no longer available.


Friday, December 18th 2009, 7:58pm

Australia can't accept less than 200t for the subs or 225t for the DDs (based on scrap value).


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Friday, December 18th 2009, 9:25pm

The Pleiades class is also sold...


Saturday, December 19th 2009, 11:29am

The 8 Admiralty S class destroyers are now gone to two nations within the Commonwealth.

DF, are those V's 4in or 4.7in?


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 5:55pm

I guess the R's will soon join the market. Too bad my budget is set till 1942. :rolleyes:


Saturday, January 23rd 2010, 8:19pm

Sound's intersting ;) if they will appear on the market, i will make an offer :)


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 2:17am

Polish Wicher-class Destroyer laid down 1926.

For sale by owner.
Two Normarkian build Polish destroyers. Wichura and Burza
Displacement:1,266 t light speed 34.01kt

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Thursday, January 28th 2010, 2:52am

RE: Polish Wicher-class Destroyer laid down 1926.


Originally posted by Marek Gutkowski
For sale by owner.
Two Normarkian build Polish destroyers. Wichura and Huragan
Displacement:1,266 t light speed 34.01kt

If that's the 6x110mm-armed DDs... hm. Chile inquires what the asking price is for both.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 2:56am

Ships for sale board need sot be updated. IIRC the British S class destroyers are of the market already.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 5:13am

One problem. The Wichura and Huragan are 1,332 ton, 34.5 knot ships. Do you mean the Wicher and Burza?

None the less, the Latvian Empire can offer 450 tons for each ship.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 5:19am


Dang, I hadn't even made an offer and I was outbid! Ah well, I already have a passel or Nordish-built destroyers.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 5:24am

It's a bargain for me. I get two relatively decent destroyer's, that don't have to use precious drydock space,which is only 1 Type 2, to be updated, since they are already fairly fast. The guns can remain, and all that will truely change is the torpedoes. This gives me two squadrons of 4 destroyers each, with a 3rd squadron with a armoured cruiser and 6 TB's.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 6:03am

Not so fast!

Mexico is also interested. Which ships exacly are the ones for sale?


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 1:11pm


Yes Wicher and Burza. 6x110mm(3xII) 2x76mm(1xII) 2x47mm(2xI)

Price 550t each or 1000t for both.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 2:32pm

We will offer 1,000 tons for both.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 3:17pm

Chile withdraws interest on hearing the price.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 4:17pm

The Kingdom of Hedjaz is happy to announce they reached an agreement with Poland for the purchase of the two destroyers with final delivery early in 1939.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 4:29pm

Now there's a surprise.


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 4:41pm

Wow, Mexico didn't even get to make an offer!


Thursday, January 28th 2010, 4:48pm

Just goes to show - you gotta be quick, you gotta be slick, and you gotta be loaded in dough. :D

I would have been more interested in bidding if there'd been more of them on the market, but even for the excellent age of the ships, people were bidding far more than I wanted to pay for just two ships.