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Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 10:31am

A vote

Seeing as we have some absent players I think we should have a vote as to how to solve the problem.
should we consider...

Peng is MIA no longer in the SIM Yes/no?
Harry the red is MIA no longer in the SIM Yes/no?
17inc is MIA no longer in the SIM Yes/no?

Should we allow a new player for Austrailia or Nordmark or both? I know we incorperated new players because of their frequent absence but I know some players here wish they were still here to keep interactions going.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 11:27am


Peng contributed so much to the SIM it is really sad he seems to be gone. I haven´t seen him for month online - neither in ICQ nor on any warship board. God knows what happens. i just hope he´s fine and there´s good reason why he´s no longer around.

I really don´t like scratching him off the board both because of the time and effort he spend into this project and because Nordmark and the SAE share well known family ties in WesWorld.

So if we let a new player take controll of Nordmark we have to make sure he´s following the path already laid out.

Harry also seems to be absent for ~ three month now. I always enjoyed his somewhat funny posts and thus don´t like loosing him too. He was also involved in some action and whatever was agreed on has to be honoured by a new player. However, I haven´t tried connecting Harry and he´s not gone for as long as is Peng. So I really don´t know if we should scratch him. has anybody seriously tried to get in contact with him? Does anybody know which boards he also visited from tie to time so we could try to contact him there?

17inc is a special case. Obviously he´s still around in the Net. Heaven knows why he´s no longer posting here. Has anybody seriously tried to contact him and ask him? I haven´t. So while I personally don´t mind loosing him I think fairness asks for a last try. If he refuses to explain his situation we should drop Australia as an independant nation. GB will gain controll again what does make sense to me because GB is quite weak - relatively speaking - in WesWorld.

Not an easy decision to be made.



Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 11:52am

RA and I have been trying to contact Harry a fair bit - nothing :(

I agree on Oz.

Peng is a difficult one, I don't really have a good suggestion.


Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 3:01pm

My votes:

Consider all three players out. None have contributed in months, and none have explained or indicated that the situation may change.

Australia should revert to a British possession. Greece and Nordmark should receive new players who will build on the existing work done by Harry and Peng.

I've enjoyed the postings and work from all three individuals, for different reasons, so regret voting to cut them loose; but one must move on.


Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 3:04pm

I have sent numerous emails to Harry with no reply whatsoever.

I'm fine with Australia being incorporated back into the Commonwealth and ruled by the UK.

As for Peng, i really don't know. A new player following the same route as before could(?) be possible.


Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 7:50pm

I will try 17inc one last time, failing that I will assume all three players are gone from the SIM. I also favour Greece and Nordmark being taken over by new players.
Psilander for Nordmark?


Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 10:31pm

well, being as I am one of the new players not sure if I should say anything ;).

I can see why those three players should be replaced, however I will miss Peng's story on Nordmark's war vs South America...I really wanted to know how did this one end.

I liked Harry's style of posting...quite funny at some fact Is something I also like and enjoy a lot in Rooijen's updates...he has some real classic threads around here (like that one of the saber fight ;)).

about 17in, I haven't read too much on him...

I would say to keep trying a bit more, however, with the acceleration of the SIM's pace, it's inevitable that they should be replaced. However, if they are back, I'd say they should be admitted to play again their original nations...maybe we could let new players in to play their nations, but only temporarilly until they are back, then they get to manage another one...

It's just an idea, I know it's more complicated than simply letting people get the "vacant" nations...but well, this is how I see it :)


Tuesday, May 25th 2004, 10:53pm

I'll miss them.... but

its time to let go.

I concur on Psilander for Nordmark. From what I can see on his site, what he's got will fit under Nordmark's treaty limits.


Monday, May 31st 2004, 10:53pm

I've been in contact with Psilander and he still hasn't given me a definitive yes or no answer. We may have to shoehorn his Swedish state forcibly into Nordmark's shoes. He doesn't want to alter his building programs much so i think it may be a case of completely replacing Nordmark with his Swedish Empire.


Tuesday, June 1st 2004, 5:04am

Well from what i understand we need a player for nordmark with experience given the fact that Nordmark and the SAE have extremely close ties, Would Psilander fit the bill? If not he could take over Greece.


Keeper of the Sacred Block Coefficient

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Tuesday, June 1st 2004, 12:47pm

Regarding new players


Originally posted by Red Admiral
I've been in contact with Psilander and he still hasn't given me a definitive yes or no answer. We may have to shoehorn his Swedish state forcibly into Nordmark's shoes. He doesn't want to alter his building programs much so i think it may be a case of completely replacing Nordmark with his Swedish Empire.

Whoever is going to join the SIM has to honor what is already settled down and has to work with what is already there. If this cannot be accepted then I think somebody else should do the job. This has been our politics before and I see no reason why we should change that now.

Nordmark is completely different from what I see when comparing it to Psilanders alternate Sweden. I´m not talking technical things here like ship designs - I´m talking about political influence and connections.

Peng has laid out some kind of history for Nordmark as has Harry for Greece. Both have discribed the political situation in their countries. We shouldn´t change that within a split second. Surely, a new player may have different things in mind and come up with completely different political developments but that will take time.

We shouldn´t change WesWorld to make it fit a new players needs. We should find a new player who´s willing to make his needs fit WesWorld.

Just my opinion of course,



Tuesday, June 1st 2004, 2:16pm

While an experienced new player would be nice, I'd rather have an inexperienced one who will build on Peng's work. Changing a country's fundamentals just disrupts those of us who have to interact with it.

Psilander seems like he could take on a country in the sim, but Greece may be the better choice (and, perhaps, the more necessary one at this time).



Tuesday, June 1st 2004, 8:17pm

Given the fact the Red Admiral has a few plans reguarding Greece it offers the best chance for a new player to alter an old players plans. psilander may be more suited to Greece.